Hate From the Right, Ignorance on the Left . . .

. . . and this is what we get!

This weekend, at CPAC, it genuinely disgusted me how much hate  there is amongst “conservatives” in America.  My mood was affected by the negative energy that spread throughout the Marriott, from the gay bashers to the war monglers — and trust me, they made their views very public. It’s shocking to see someone debate endlessly about being pro-life but then support  bombing innocents in other countries.  That’s why being principled works, but this seems to be such a hard concept to understand now-a-days.  It’s interesting that us Libertarian types tend to be in closer alignment with the Right, and I’m always trying to figure out why — I’ve come up with a few theories.  The Right babbles about supporting the Constitution, always promises cuts in taxes and big government, and even promise to give states more government power.  In the end, however, those of the Right in power, the Republicans, continue to espouse big government, walk all over the Constitution and force their beliefs on others.  Doesn’t sound very conservative to me.

Now, I imagine that going to a “Liberal Political Action Conference” would be very different.  Gay rights, anti-drug war and anti-war people would be in attendance, for sure.  Our civil liberties would definitely be represented at this conference, but these organizations would be in support of Democrats.  Are democrats going to “legalize” gay marriage, “legalize” drugs and end the war?  Hell no.  This is why the liberal platform is worthless — lobbying through the government and trying to elect democrats into office will not do anything.  And I do not even have to mention the average liberal’s viewpoints on health care, tuition and monetary issues.  “WE WANT IT FOR FREE,” they say, blinded by big government and lacking any knowledge on economics.  Again, ignorance shows its ugly head.  Little are they ready to embrace the fact that a limited government would allow them social freedoms and free market competition to alleviate them from financial turmoil.   Interesting how the terms “liberal” and “Democrat” became synonymous, with the youth, hippie types and yuppies being major followers, especially when the deception is blatant.  Strong beliefs in the two-party political system and change being made only through politics are probably the biggest reasons for this phenomenon, aka ignorance and lack of thorough research.

I’ll repeat over and over again the following quote (and it’ll probably be on my grave), “It’s not the right vs. the left, it’s the state vs. you.”  Stereotypes of right and left: Right = Supports smaller government, but war, war on drugs, no social freedoms.  Left = Lots of big government policy and regulation, environmental “protection,” social freedoms, war(?), lots of “free” stuff.  Both are bad — “government” had failed us in every possible way.   Both do not protect our freedoms as individuals, the smallest minority.  Therefore, let’s throw out those who think making decisions for others, using violence, and stealing is peachy keen and move on with our lives.  😉


One thought on “Hate From the Right, Ignorance on the Left . . .

  1. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself if you can solve problems caused by politics with the generous application of more politics. It is when you stop bashing your head against the wall that you begin to perceive how much less painful it is not to have your head bashed.

    When you look at the pathetic posturing that politicians go through, even admirable guys like Ron Paul in doing a disservice to liberty activists by endorsing Lamar Smith, you ought to take a deep breath and ask yourself: Do I really want to be governed?

    Wouldn’t you be ever so much better off running your own life and ruling yourself?

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