Recent News.

Success!  I have been in contact with the owner of and he is going to allow me to help with the site!  I am hoping to create t-shirts and stickers to sell.

What really made me want to get more involved in the anti-PPA movement was seeing all these “kiosks” going up along Spring Garden Street . . . and then thinking how many less PPA workers are needed now, which will lead to many losing their jobs, the “hirer ups” of the PPA raking in more money, and all the more corruption.

But yeah, overall, I’m hoping to make bank on people’s hate for the PPA.  🙂

Something I’ve been thinking about — TAXES.  Besides all their obvious flaws that I could rant about for hours, I’ve noticed now that I am pretty “woken up” that people are PAYING to file their taxes?!  What?!  Why would anyone pay to get money back that has been stolen from them in the first place?  Why is the tax system so impossible to figure out?  And on top of it all, it seems like no college students were taught how to file their taxes themselves, and they just send their W2s to their parents to do it.  This kind of “basic necessity” of living in America is not taught in public schools . . . interesting.  Luckily, if you’re still a student, you can fill out your return online using an easy to use system.  I tried it out and found that it explained -almost- everything except WHY we have to do all this BS in the first place!

Two conferences coming up.  Students for Liberty International Conference, February 12th-14th (WOO, VALENTINE’S DAY!).  CPAC, February 18th-20th (WOO, WE’RE GONNA SHOW THOSE “CONSERVATIVES” WHAT REAL FREEDOM IS, RIGHT?).

Excited!  I’m helping to lead a workshop on “Marketing on Campus” for the SFLIC.  🙂  Hopefully I’ll be working on an Anti-War one with LOLA, as well.  🙂  Good stuff, good people.  I can’t wait to be in my element again.


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