A Republican Win in Massachusetts . . .

. . . means nothing to me!

Except the possible filibustering of the health care bill.  I hope that the only good that comes out of this election is getting rid of the mandatory health care that I would be forced to buy into when I don’t need it or be fined.

But by supporting politics at all, I’m supporting violence, so I choose to remain un-amused.

What was shocking was how many Libertarian/Conservative friends fell in love with Scott Brown simply because he was not a Democrat and it was against Obama’s interests for him to win the election.  Do they fail to see that they are all Rebublicrats?  Do they not get the George Obama reality?  I guess they just fell into the “less of two evils” trap that doesn’t even reign true anymore.

I’m in a slight liberty depression after this.


2 thoughts on “A Republican Win in Massachusetts . . .

  1. Just last week, I had a conversation with a friend in which I tried to explain to him my conviction that a vote for anyone is a vote for the system, and that to hope for change through voting is foolish. If one thinks of government as a monopoly, like Rothbard, Hoppe, and others do, then one can also think of it as a business. A business needs “customers.” Now, we are all “customers” of the government only in that we are victims of its coercion, but its claim to legitimacy comes from the voluntary customers, i.e., the voters. My goal, I explained to my friend, was to help reduce voter turnout to the point that the politicians couldn’t possibly refer to election results as a mandate for anything at all. Someone sitting next to me, who had been groaning in agreement for awhile, chimed in that we are already nearing that point of illegitimacy.

  2. Brown voted for the Mass. health care plan (which was a model for the national proposal), and I think he said something to the effect of agreeing with 98% of the bill that’s passed in the Senate. I wouldn’t necessarily get your hopes up about a filibuster.

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