It is truly sad . . .

. . . to see how many lives were lost, are lost, and will be lost, due to the belief of the religion known as Government.

And I’m not even fully describing life or death situations — I’m talking about people living wasted lives, making no progress . . . sedentary and worthless in the grand scheme of things.  And probably, all in all, just very sad people.

The best thing that I can do is offer education to these people.  Attempt to free them from their shackled lives.  At the same time, to prevent myself from falling victim like the others,  I will be fighting to live in a voluntary society, where my actions won’t harm others, and I will be free to live as I want to live, owning my own conciousness and body, my own wealth . . . There will be no force used against me and I will finally live in peace.


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