New term!

The winter term begins at Drexel University, after a nice long week of break (don’t normal colleges get a whole month?).
Student Liberty Front is already working hard to get the ball rolling on some ideas.  Apart from our usual weekly meetings and 4-5 events, we are finishing up fundraising and charity projects.  Our winter clothing drive has gotten us a ton of clothes . . . there will be pictures soon.  We’re also finishing up recruiting for the Students for Liberty International Conference . . . registration is closing soon.  Some of us will be attending CPAC, as well, volunteering with Campaign for Liberty.

Children of the Revolution is a project that I’m trying to get afloat.  I want it to be a resource for home schooling resources and guides on “how you and your children can survive the public school system.”  There is already tons of information out there that I can “steal,” but I watch COTR to come up with its own material, as well.  At first, I wanted to come up with ideas for assemblies and teach the children at least about the Constitution, but that is even different than my own current belief system — our rights do not come from an idea of government written on a piece of paper.  If anything, the Constitution takes away our rights.  So, back to the drawing board on the assemblies.  I think it would be simple and for the best to work with parents rather than children for now.  I receieved some copies of Stossel in the Classroom that I need to check out, as well.  Looking to show the movies the Cartel and the War on Kids at Drexel sometime in the near future.

I am currently applying for scholarships and honors that are based on liberty, in general.  I would like to be qualified enough to get an internship for my next Drexel co-op that would allow me to work in a field that suits my future plans.

Philosophically, I am having many internal debates on “the spectrum of liberty.”  I could call myself an anarchist who supports voluntary governments, but at the same time, I do not mind working with minarchist or Libertarian organizations.  I realized last night that this is probably because I do not have the drive right now, as a busy college student, to attempt to change my life for the better and push to “live free” — and by that, I mean live out in a cabin in the woods, evade taxes, and genrally rebel.  I can make small steps, which will provide some level of satisfaction, all while working with the current idea of government, to try and create change.  Eventually, however, when it is time for me to “settle down,” I will make the correct choices and most likely have a plan to “live free or die trying.”

I am currently reading The Iron Web, by Larken Rose.  Wow!  I’m down 100 pages or so and I can really relate to this book (even though it’s way more action packed than my life).  Truth, Freedom and Prosperity is having a book discussion soon — can’t wait!

AND . . . I still have LOLA calendars if anyone is interested!  Discounted price, 10 dollars!

I hope everyone has had a great new year so far!


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