Truant Officers Beat Up Kids in Philadelphia.

The family of a Frankford High School junior and a citizens’ group want more action in connection with an incident at the school last October. They charge that two truant officers beat a student inside the school, and that the school district is dragging its feet on an investigation.

Jeffione Thomas, who has just turned 18, says he was arrived late at school on the morning of October 29th and two truant officers tried to stop him, but he refused.

The young man’s grandmother, Joyce Freeman, describes what she was shown on the school’s surveillance video of the incident:

“Then you see the guys (officers) come in, push everybody out the way, and went for him.  And we don’t see the beating, but you know something is going on because the kids are excited, they’re acting crazy.  And then you see them drag him on the ground and the guy is still on top of him, beating the hell out of him.”

Thomas, in a published report, says one of the officers held him down while the other beat him.

School district spokesman Fernando Gallard says it’s regular procedure for truant officers to follow students so they can talk to them. Gallard would not say whether a beating had actually taken place:

“I have not seen the video so I cannot tell you exactly what the video has.”

Thomas, a star running back on the school’s football team, was hospitalized following the incident. He missed three football games.

Greg Brinkley, with the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, claims there is more to this than one beating:

“These officers, we know for a fact, beat somebody else, somplace else, and broke his ribs — the same two officers.”

The school district says that allegation proved unfounded.

One of the truant officers has been placed on desk duty as the investigation continues.  Meanwhile, Thomas — the student — has been charged with assault and making terroristic threats against the officers.

What a wonderful world.


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