USPS is just horrible.

While it’s not a total monopoly in postal services (Fed Ex, UPS?), USPS is America’s main source for letter/package mailing.  Come on, where else are you going to get STAMPS?  And amazing safety and security against drug shipments from Mexico, anthrax, and mail bombs!  Oh yeah, and a very close relationship with the Department of Homeland Security!


While there are competitors, they don’t even come close to the government controlled ring leader.  And while it’s not a monopoly, it certainly acts like one — bad service, high prices.

At times, I have left my packages in the post office for weeks, just because I hate going there with my peach colored card that failed me as I kept marking for redelivery and placing outside my apartment, only to have it be ignored.  Once arriving, I wait in a huge line, that is being managed by one employee, for at least half an hour.

I always tell grumbling customers in line next to me, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if they had some kind of competition?  Or cut some over paid, under worked employees?”  Of course the snail mail business is slowing down since the invention of the internet by beloved Al Gore (hehe ;-)), but that doesn’t mean prices have to increase.  It means that cuts need to be made in employment.  Revisions must be made.  For some reason, the assumption that prices must rise is more prominent amongst consumers — and it’s widely accepted as being perfectly acceptable.

As always, I say, “Wake up, people.”

Here it is. Horrible, right? But go ahead, keep being apathetic.


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