Food created in America is just plain bad for you. Then why do I continue to eat it?

GMOs.  Preservatives.  High fructose corn syrup.

I learn more and more of it everyday.  I know that I’m killing myself (slowly).

Then why do I eat this stuff!?

Conditioning, perhaps?  Peer pressure?  Taste?  Price?

I suppose it all comes down to personal responsibility.  It’s just horrible, however, that it’s often too late for children when there parents condone this eating behavior.

I suppose that I should only care about myself, but I feel as if it’s my job to educate the people I see walking down the street, waddling to the closest fast food restaurant or stuffing their face with potato chips.  I am disgusted that people have let themselves go to such an extent (obesity rate at about 65%), but what can I do?  Educate, educate, educate.  But it’s never enough.  Mass media hides the truth or neglects to put it in people’s faces.  Something so serious is put behind what some celebrity is wearing or the political games of the White House.

I suppose I see potential in the human being.  We have conciousness.  We can communicate efficiently.  We have technology.  What can’t we do?  (Fly,  have laser vision, live forever, ok, ok, ok!)  I just see our race going downhill, and I am stuck watching it happen before my very eyes.

So I’m going to blame government subsidies and intervention and move on with my life.


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