“I’m a real girl!”

Often times, I don’t feel like a “real girl.”  No, not like that. I just don’t get along with the average girl; we don’t usually hit it off right away.  One reason why LOLA might be a very important asset to both me and the rest  of the “liberty girls” out there.  It usually comes down to talking politics/philosophy vs. talking about purses/drinking/nonsense.

But I realized I was a “real girl” when I went to Macy’s yesterday.  That’s when it hit me.  Could you IMAGINE how much better Macy’s could be if there was a free market?  It’s already awesome, but . . . wow.  (And I’ll admit, first I was awed by thousands of shoes, then I thought of capitalism).

And speaking of girls — I’ve been keeping up with this Sarah Palin nonsense and I’ve come to a conclusion about “attractive women” and politics.  Or, so I’m not collective, we’ll just say Sarah Palin and politics.  While one could call Sarah uneducated, unprincipled, silly, boisterous, etc., often times, she is judged for her looks, as if it was a negative trait to be good looking in politics.  We do not see this happen to men.  Bill Clinton was considered attractive to most, John Edwards, and even Barack Obama.  The media, however, does not “sex them up” one bit in pictures or use this to play with the viewer’s mind.  When I see a picture of Sarah Palin that has been used to show more of her looks than her brain, I almost instantly forget about all her accomplishments and think of her as being “less intelligent” (thanks to programmed stereotypes).

What is this? Seriously.

But despite what I think of Republicans and Conservatives, I do not disrespect Sarah Palin when I actually think with an open mind.  She was governor of Alaska, for chrissake.  That takes a lot of work and gained respect, not to mention intelligence, commitment, and determination.  As CNN said last night, she raised a million dollars in 15 minutes (or some crazy statistic).  She’s not worthless and she’s not just a body.  NOR ARE OTHER ATTRACTIVE WOMEN IN POLITICS.

That’s my Sarah Palin rant.  Oh, and forgot to mention that she calls herself a true patriot but lacks a lot of important qualities of one . . . watch out.


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