Long live the weekends. Without them, I’d go insane.

Happy 21st birthday to Deanna (Student Liberty Front’s wonderful secretary).
You can imagine how a 21st birthday party went . . .

Went out to Harrisburg with the Truth, Freedom and Prosperity/Campaign for Liberty crew of Philadelphia for a Freedomworks march on the Capital. 9/12ers and Conservatives galore. Not necessarily my cup of tea (ha, at a tea party!) but I could relate to most of the event. These 9/12ers are very close to being “fully awoken.” Very close. There are just some things they still don’t get, especially the privacy of marriage and separation of the government and marriage. Also, they don’t tend to question anything regarding 9/11. And I think they’re a bit too pro-war. Oh yeah, and the whole “WE LOVE GOD” thing. Ok, ok, I admit, we’re very different — but I get along with these Conservatives more than liberals. They’re not complete neo-cons . . . eh.

I got in a good talk with a friend about . . . everything. Ghosts, aliens, 9/11, the truth . . . at this point, I know that there is no way, absolutely NO WAY, that I am ever going to know everything in this world. Why fight it? And why bicker over the “stupid things” in life when there’s so much to know — more than possible? No reason to. I’ve decided that I’m done wasting my time doing things that I do not like doing. My mind is so open at this point, I can’t stop learning. And at the same time, I can’t be stuck being brought down by the system.

So, from a march that wasn’t the most supportive of my cause to a conversation that led me to some great conclusions, Saturday was pretty awesome.

We flyered. We flyered Philadelphia. We flyered Philadelphia with about 1,500 flyers.
Take that.
End the Fed rally.
Sunday, November 22nd.
10:00AM City Hall.
March at 11:22 to the Fed.
Speakers in the Constitution Center from 1-3.
Come out and learn something.

But in a nutshell . . . the Federal Reserve is a private banking institution. It doesn’t have to answer to anyone — even the big G (government, baby). It handles our money supply. It can print when it wants. It can STEAL when it wants. Do we know about it? Nope! I told you, it’s PRIVATE. Right now, we’re mainly fighting for a bill to be passed with SO MANY co-sponsors (Pelosi’s keeping it out of the House) — HR 1207, AUDIT the Fed. Basically, we’re just like, “HEY, can we at least KNOW what you’re doing with our money? That’s all. Just tell us the truth.” I can’t imagine anyone being against this bill. Oh, my Representative, Chakah Fattah is! But that’s OK, I would call him a socialist, but that’d be too nice.

Next Sunday. Be there.


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