All the hard work finally paid off.

Drexel hosted to Students for Liberty Mid-Atlantic conference this weekend.

Let me tell you.

I had so much fun.

Meet and greet at my place on Friday.

Work up at 6:30 AM on Saturday, pretty energized.  We had so much to set up!

The conference went WITHOUT A FLAW.

And then at the end, Irena got on stage, called SLF up, cried, and it was over.  Then I had 7 drink tickets at Slainte to use.  Well deserved, mind you.

While I am only with the liberty-minded folks for about . . . 10 percent of my day, on average, it’s where I always want to be.  These conferences and events . . . I always want to go to them SO BADLY, for I love the gift of liberty that the attendees possess!  It truly is a GIFT.  To know what it means to be free — but to also have the knowledge that there are some evil, vile people out there who use violence, force and coercion on us . . . while most of the world sleeps through it, unaware of what is wrong.

Anyway, I could go on forever.  If you’re not in the movement and you read this, you’ll think I’m crazy.  I don’t care.  I know what I want to do with my life and it’s not be average, apathetic and wasteful.  It’s going to take time and patience to get out of school — get out of this corrupt system that I’m involved in — and move on to immersing myself in what I like to do.

I’m not going to convert you into a “freeman.”  But look into your heart.  Do you own yourself?  Or are you letting someone ELSE own you?  Where is that money coming from?  Thin air?  Stolen from the people?  Why are so many people in jail?  Victimless crimes?  Exactly.  Why do politicians LIE and NOTHING THEY SAY EVER COMES INTO TRUTH?  Why.  Are the police becoming more like a MILITARY?  Are the children and the elderly being negatively affected by the tyrannical government that creates policy after policy of ineffective and useless NONSENSE for the “sheep-le” (people) of the United States to mindlessly follow?

Some say questioning authority is bad.  Don’t do it, they say.  Well.  1) Who is anyone to RULE OVER you and tell you what to do?  2) Absolute power creates ABSOLUTE PROBLEMS (ever take a history class?) 3) Obviously, something’s wrong with the system.  Question it.

I’m really going to start writing my book.  It’s going to be fairly simple to read.  It’s for freedom n00bs.  Hopefully it’ll convert some people.


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