Herd Mentality

Today I was walking to work.

I always walk on the right side of the sidwalk.  It’s some unwritten universal rule.

All of a sudden,

A STAMPEDE of people come out of a subway opening.

Now, I’m a good . . . block away.  But the first person out walks on their left (my right).  They’re coming at me — and all of them are following this lone, estranged walker.  In a herd.


They walk RIGHT INTO ME.  One after the other.  Bam bam bam.

Ridiculous.  This is one reason why I hate city life, but this also makes me question people’s intelligence.  Oh, common man.

The moral of the story: Follow the leader isn’t always the best option.  Go off the beaten path and maybe you’ll find a more sensible option.


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