Is wearing heels UNSAFE for unprotected women?

Yes, I believe so.

This thought has been crossing my mind as of late.

YES, heels make your legs look lean and long, but . . .

a) YOU CLICK.  click click click. Walking in a dark alley at night?  SOMEONE is going to know you are coming.  You’re wearing a cow bell.

b) You can’t run.  You can’t even walk too fast.  You’re clumsy.  You’re going down.

c) Unwanted attention.  Clicking and lookin’ good.  Maybe too good.  Maybe someone you don’t like is checking you out.  What can you do?  You probably like the attention, but could it lead to too much?

I’m bored.  But seriously.  Walking at night with heels?  Carry a weapon.  Protect yourself!  (I’ll stick to my flats and my daily 3 mile runs).


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