Long weekend.

Tyler and I went to NYC (Columbia) for the Ivy League Students for Liberty Conference this weekend.

Yes, Ivy League.

And I go to Drexel.  But that’s OK, everyone was allowed (even those who don’t wear navy brooks brother blazers).

I spoke on the student panel.  Horrible public speaking skills, as usual.  Sigh.  I need to stop being so nervous!

Nothing really exciting happened.  Made some new friends at the social.  Surprisingly, being one of the 3 girls there (ha), I felt like “one of the guys.”  I love that feeling — I don’t want to be the “center of attention” sort of girl.  Hopefully LOLA will get more girls in the movement, though.

The conference was placed nicely on a three day weekend, so the next day, Tyler and I walked to Times Square and got Broadway tickets — CHICAGO!  It was amazing.  Then we walked back to Columbia and bid NYC adeau (I specifically mention the walk because it was about 68 blocks each way!)

We didn’t get back to Philly until 1AM.  Then I passed out like nothing else.  Woke up the next day and went hiking!  ❤

And then later that night, SLF eboard.  We are packed.  Freedom Watch, meetings, conference . . . there’s four of us that do work, btw.  Spartan power!  Oh yeah, and we have a concert on the 22nd!


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