Not sure how I survived Students Rights Week . . .

Looking back upon it.  Wow.

But moving on.

Please register for the Mid-Atlantic SFL conference, which will be right at Drexel!  Click.

I am actually going to be speaking at it with Allison Gibbs about LOLA!  Not sure how that happened, but OK!

And this weekend I will be on the student panel at the Ivy League SFL conference, which I’m nervous about.

I’m not the best public speaker.

But time to get over that and SHINE!

I’m excited about Friday, too.  A get-together at the Liberties bar.  Love all the Philadelphia area people.

And I continue to write for Examiner.  Waiting to get paid, they screwed up and it’s taking forever.  Sigh.  I wrote a heart-felt article yesterday, but some douce commented something mean.  I love the comments.

I should be getting some LOLA calendars in the mail, too, can’t wait to sell them.  🙂


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