Liberty, liberty and more liberty.

So, this past weekend was the Campaign for Liberty NE conference and I was EXHAUSTED from that.  Just so much liberty, man.  Not enough sleep.  You can read my article about it here.

I got to see the LOLA calendar!  I look photoshopped and awesome.  I recommend that you purchase one if you have not!

After finishing up the final touches on the Free Student Media  blogging guide, that got finished.

Yesterday we had an eboard meeting for Student Liberty Front that lasted an eternity.  We chalked and flyered the campus, too.

Today we tabled and got a whole lotta freshman to sign up!  Man.  It was awesome.

I’m waiting to start co-op, but because it’s a government job, I have to  be checked to see if I am a child abusing, criminal terrorist with tuburculosis.  Ridiculous.  There goes money.  And these checks cost 66 dollars.  OH BOY.

Busy busy.  While I’m not working, I’m full liberty.


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