Students for Liberty vs Students for a Democratic Society

What a great debate — it actually opened my eyes to what members of SDS really believe in, rather than stereotyping them all as socialists.  It was hosted by NYRA, the National Youth Rights Association.

SDS, ending "racist" wars.

SDS, ending "racist" wars.

The SDS debaters discussed angsty topics such as minimum wage as a teenager to wanting to be their own boss as a worker, and more serious topics such as at what age a child has rights and socialist communes.

The whole time, however, I felt that I had the answer to this whole debate. States rights! Perhaps if states had more rights, they could be able to, for instance, actually do what they want for a government — and they could all be different. For instance, if you’re socialist, you could move to New York. If you’re into liberty, you could move to New Hampshire. If you’re a commie, go to Cali! And so on.

The only problem with any socialist idealology is enforcing it on other people.  Also, the SDS debaters pushed for democracy, and they deemed a situation of a 51% vote as being “fair.”  As questioners pushed subjects that involve majority/minority, socialized education, and capitalist ideals — and SDS didn’t really have the answer to make everyone happy.  In the end, someone is a loser, a minority — which is why their ideals do not work and liberty is the best answer!


One thought on “Students for Liberty vs Students for a Democratic Society

  1. Everyone supports “liberty” (even the SDS I would imagine). The problem is that to many “Libertarians”, “liberty” simply means no government safety net at all. It’s up to the private charities or nothing. Well guess what, America tried this approach for its first 150 years or so. What did it bring? Major depressions (not recessions) every 20 years or so; extreme poverty. And people literally starving to death. I don’t like that approach. “liberty” or “freedom” means the freedom to starve to death. I’ll take the European social safety net any day over that.

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