A little update from Crete.

I just learned that the old socialist motto of Greece was “Allagi” – meaning CHANGE.
Interesting how Obama is following that same motto . . .

From TIME magazine in 1981:

In the slums of Piraeus and the village cafes of Crete, in shipowners’ salons and bouzouki bars, one word pulsates across Greece like the rhythm of a sirtaki dance: allagi (change). Many Greeks are passionately frightened of allagi, others are hoping for it, and a vast number do not know quite how to feel about the prospect. Six million voters will decide the issue on Oct. 18, when they either reconfirm the conservative New Democracy Party that has ruled Greece for seven years or bring to power the first Socialist —and openly anti-American—government since the end of World War II.

A couple of days ago, I was interviewed on Creti TV, which is a news program in Crete. The reporter has run for the New Democratic Party in Greece, so she was more right wing/conservative so I could have possibly bashed the socialists on live television, but I remained low key and simply said that transparency is very important in governmental affairs and especially in democracy.

And I am going to have serious issues coming back to America after all this social freedom that I am getting in Crete. I can legally drink. There are literally no cops on the streets. Or on the roads. Traffic laws are hardly enforced (which is why Greek drivers are crazy, but so be it). This just gives me more of a reason to fight the power, but it’s just going to be more painful now that I know what some freedom feels like (and I’m not paying the taxes here right now, so I shouldn’t be talking).

I just heard about Sarah Palin resigning as governor. Politics is almost as dramatic as Hollywood at this point. My friend just told me that the reason Hollywood was invented was to keep the world distracted while the politics ran rampant without anyone noticing. This may be true, now that I think about it. And now this mess of a huge government is working wonders and taking away more and more of our rights without us even noticing (well, the majority of us, obviously).

It’s weird how now that I am in Greece, I feel as if America is backwards (even more so than Russia, ha). Keeping us away from at least our social freedoms creates a horrible existence. I’m not sure why we are so restricted, do they want to keep us under control so they can continue taking more and more freedoms away? Do they feel as if being restricted is progressive rather than being “wild and free?” It’s all a game and we are the pawns. And it’s hard to checkmate as a pawn.


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