Working with Campaign for Liberty at the Valley Forge Gun Show (And a Ditty on Glenn Beck)

I want to apologize for my lack of writing, lately, I’ve been very busy on my “week off” between terms at Drexel — however, lots of activity with the liberty movement to write about!

On June 14th and 15th, I volunteered at the Campaign for Liberty table at the Valley Forge Gun show.

Never have I ever been treated with such esteem and gratitude than at the gun show.  People flocked to the table, all seemingly desperate to find a way to protect their 2nd amendment rights (of course being at a gun show).  Surprisingly, people also seemed to be “woken up” to the other problems with the government, such as the debt, fiat currency, the war, and so on.

Another thing that I noticed was that so many were in love with the Glenn Beck show.  On display was a LCD screen in which we could play videos from the computer.  And what got the most attention and recognition.  Glenn Beck!  Yes, I know all the arguments against Glenn Beck (“he’s a Neo-Con, I tell ya!”), I feel like he is the only one who is getting these ideas out to people in the media.  He was even featured by John Stossel for doing so much for the “liberty movement” and he has great ratings and views.  His 9/12 movement, his book that is coming out soon, titled Common Sense (a la Thomas Paine), his TV show, his tour, his radio show . . . all these contributions help people “wake up!”   Excuse the Glenn Beck tangent, but this needs to be addressed.  I honestly think that he is a great help to the movement, despite the fact that he does have some questionable moments on occassion.

I can’t see him being a problem when he does stuff like this.

Volunteering with Campaign for Liberty at the Gun Show gave me some experience with a whole new crowd, completely different from those in Philadelphia.  It is quite amazing to see the differences in perspective and realize how much more some people need to learn about liberty and freedom.  Sadly, it seems that the older, conservative generations understand us more than the people our own age — the people who think that being liberal is fighting for more government.

What a wonderful world . . . that we must fight for . . .


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