Speakers at Drexel During Spring Term — To the Summer!

Student Liberty Front

I never got to recap a few special speakers that we hosted at Drexel University this term, so since today marks the first day of the summer term, I would like to write about their visits.

On May 12th, Student Liberty Front hosted Radley Balko at Drexel University. Balko is a former policy analyst with the Cato Institute, and now a senior editor for Reason magazine. He also is a biweekly columnist with FoxNews.com. He spoke on the drug war and police militarization in America.

On May 28th, Student Liberty Front hosted  Rep. Sam Rohrer and Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo in “The Destruction of American Federalism: A Silent Threat to American Liberty.”

Both of these events got attendees from not only Drexel, but the Philadelphia area, especially through the use of networking on www.meetup.com.

For the summer term, we are going to be planning more “fun events,” mainly movies and even South Park episodes (the creators are Libertarians) and decipher different political meanings from the films.

I am also looking into creating a SSDP and a Concealed Campus at Drexel, along with aiding Deanna Quinones with YAL.

In the Fall term, we’re hoping to get Ron Paul, so stay in touch for information!


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