A Real Leader.

The Student Liberty Front end of the year barbecue took place this past Tuesday — the weather was flip flopping all over the place and thunder was heard in the distance, but the show went on and we had a great turnout!  (80+ hamburgers and hot dogs)!

SLFI am so proud of SLF, and I work hard to promote events and get people involved as much as possible.  I have only been Vice President for a term, but it’s been a journey.  We have done so much together that I couldn’t imagine it being any better.  I made some awards for the members who have been to meetings and events, for they are worthy of some kind of commendation for their service to the cause of Liberty.

After handing out the awards, my happiness turned into deep thought.  This is what a leader should be . . . happy, thankful, generous.  How could one ever think of manipulating, cheating or forcing another human being into doing something they do not wish to do . . . and feel rewarding and prosperous from doing so?

In Student Liberty Front, we welcome all types of people and all different beliefs — we accept you as an individual, a person who is allowed to “be themselves” and not worry about the threat of force or opposition.  It’s just so hard to me to believe that there is so much power being forced upon these strong, unique individuals every second of every day.

I am glad to be in the position that I am in and I am thankful to those who work hard with me to exercise our right to promote our freedom.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No force needed!

And again, thank you, Student Liberty Front members for an awesome Spring term and year!


2 thoughts on “A Real Leader.

  1. yw stace face! ❤

    and you are absolutely right. and the reason those coercive leaders are in office is the fault of the people. it is unfortunate that the majority of people are okay will electing leaders that use force and that are easily corrupted. but that is the job of student liberty front, raising awareness in the people about the colossal mistake that they've made and showing them that there are better options. thank you for helping us work towards that goal stacy; i don't know if any of us really took the time out to say that, but thank you. you've done a lot for student liberty front and for liberty in general in the past couple months that i've known you, and i'm glad that i can call you my friend and partner in eliminating crimes against freedom.

  2. yw stace face<3

    i just tried to comment and now i don't know if i'll remember everything i said but i'll try.

    you are right about the leaders in our country today, and the more shameful part is that we are the ones that have elected them into office. sadly, the majority of the people are either unaware of the coercion and corruption going on or they honestly don't care about the means to their ends. it is the job of the student liberty front to raise awareness and make an attempt to end apathy.

    with you at the helm of student liberty front we have really come leaps and bounds closer to achieving that goal and i want to say thank you for that. you've done so much for student liberty front and for the movement and i have to say that we are all grateful for you stacy. i am so happy that you and i have become such close friends and that i have a partner in eliminating crimes against liberty.

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