Atlas Shrugged Sales/Interest Rising — I see proof!

I read this about a week ago (written by the talented David Boaz) after hearing all over about how Rand’s books are selling more and more through many different sources.

And then I saw this posted in Drexel’s Library:


“This book has interesting parallels to the current state of our society.”

Whoever wrote that recommendation — join Student Liberty Front!


2 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged Sales/Interest Rising — I see proof!

  1. Ha! I just purchased that book for 9 bucks. Surprisingly enough, it was out on a table labeled recommended reading!

  2. Many unpleasant things have been said about Ayn Rand and her “Objectivist” cult; almost all of them deserved: Nietzsche for the semi-literate with a dash of Plato thrown-in for extra dickishness. Let us put aside her loquacious driveling and ham-handed, overbearing prose for a moment. She was a woman who surrounded herself with sycophants, even holding “trials” for her followers who disagreed with her publicly on any topic from politics to art; that or the unforgivable crimes of not adequately defending her from criticism or associating with those who offered any.

    It is important to remember who her supporters were and are, folks like Ronald Regan and Alan Greenspan (Alan was actually a member of her inner circle), the architects of the greed-driven “Masters of the Universe” economy that has brought the entire world to the brink of ruin. Look at who praises her now: The likes of Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and Anne Coulter, barely sane wannabe demagogues who preach the suppression of all liberty but the freedom to exploit.

    Her arguments universally fall under the “strawman” heading, railing against some nebulous “liberal” that exists only in her mind. From one side of her mouth she denounced violence but still never failed to exalt robber barons like Andrew Carnegie who hired men to butcher good, hard working people so they couldn’t benefit from their own labors. Two standards based on the money you’re born with. One is “violence” and “horrid,” the other is “business” and “necessary.”

    A man makes money and becomes rich. He then raises his children to think they are a superior breed and should do anything possible to keep all wealth within their own class, casting all others as “looters” and “moochers” to justify it. You end up with an aristocracy that is made up of privilege by birth, not “men of the mind.” We don’t need a Hilton family to have hotels. Indeed, if we didn’t have them, those hotels would all be there and owned by dozens of people who could advance through their work, not to mention treat their people FAR better.

    Those who do the ACTUAL WORK are completely cut out of the profits of that work with no meaningful way to advance. Now, you might point to this one or that one who has “overcome” poverty but in a country of 300,000,000 people, a certain percentage are going to be struck by lightning, eaten by sharks, hit by meteors, and become rich; Doesn’t mean anything. And I would bet most of those people tell you their success (even if well deserved) had more to do with dumb luck then any hard work on their part.

    My real problem with Rand and her ilk is this: All the arguments you might make about how something like communism doesn’t work can be made about capitalism with equal accuracy: It only works on paper.

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