Get Angry.

Yesterday, I had to give a 4-6 minute speech in my Techniques of Public Speaking class.  I decided to give an informative speech on the “War on Drugs.”

I began with the history of the term.  I then moved on to describe that people either believe the drug war is necessary or they believe it is not necessary.

Then I gave some examples of the victims of the drug war.  Innocent people who have died and (on my powerpoint) a picture of a finger pointing at the audience.  I told them that they were victims, because they pay so much money in taxes and their constitutional right of private property, as one example, is taken away.

I then gave some statistics.  Yes, they were “graphic.”  I showed how much money is being wasted and I showed the amount of arrests in America made simply for possession of marijuana.

I ended by handing out a quarter sheet of resources for more information.

The result!  I am a horrible public speaker, but I actually showed some improvement!  Excellent.  However, my professor told me that I was too bias towards the negatives, didn’t give the full story, and so on.  My response?  I believe that I said something like, “It’s a war on the American people.  There is no ‘good.’ And it’s unconstitutional!”  She said that they may be true, but people will question my credibility if I give a speech that seems so biased.

I was pretty wound up at that point, but the professors response to the next speech really angered me.

A fellow Libertarian gave a speech on the Constitution/Bill of Rights and how the government has completely disregarded them in the present day.  He listed off amendment after amendment, fact after fact of how the government just ignores our rights and takes complete, unauthorized power.  When he was done, I was proud.  Classmates raised their hands to ask questions or make comments.  A couple said that it seemed way to opinioned.  Opinionated? Those are all facts, I’m sorry that you don’t get that!  I’m sorry that you were brainwashed into thinking that the way we live is right. And the professor pretty much said the same thing.  I became incredibly angry and when I left class, I wanted to scream.  Are freedom and liberty really so far gone that people cannot even bring themselves to believe that these were the principles in which our country was founded?

This example is just one of the many reasons why we must keep educating . . . and keep fighting!


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