A Parody Gone Wrong

Here’s a little story that you might like to read (similar to the last entry in that it happened at Drexel).

Last year was my first year at college.  And let me tell you, it was absolutely ridiculous.  Everyone went hog-wild with drinking, drugs, partying, and so on.  Never a dull moment in the dorms.

My room mate and I (a fellow freedom fighter) decided to make a short YouTube video, making a parody on the “crazy college life.”  We made this video in the dorms, and here are a couple of lines from it, “All these bottles will be filled with alcohol,” and “We’re going to smoke lots of marijuana.”  NOTE: This video was a joke, and it was meant to make fun of those who actually make statements like that in such a wild, outspoken manner.

These bottles were in our recycling basket -- to be recycled!  Not "to be filled with alcohol."

These bottles were in our recycling basket -- to be recycled! Not "to be filled with alcohol."

Well, who would have thought, but Drexel some how found the video.  The floor adviser, I believe, told the dorm adviser about the video, and I was called to a meeting immediately.  I explain myself, and he seems to get me, of course, being only a little older then me, himself.  Now this is the kicker. He tells me that he knows that I did a project for my Honors 101 class on the case of Gonzales v. Raich and for some reason, that gives them probable cause to think that I am possessing/smoking marijuana in the dorms!  I chose that case in that class because there were only about 10 of us in the class, 10 court cases, two of them involving marijuana, and I just happened to find it to be the most interesting.

Using a project that I did in an Honors class gives him enough cause to make so many collective judgments that it’s unbelievable.  And how would he find out about this project that I did in class without talking to all my professors about this case?  It’s shocking and embarrassing to know that so many people got involved with a case involving a silly YouTube video.

I got off from all charges, after being told that I could possibly be arrested.  It was a pretty traumatic experience, all in all, the snooping, the lack of trust from my floor adviser, arrest?

Just a warning to the masses, especially if you go to the private college/university — watch your rights — they’re at such a great risk!


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