Government VS Government II

In relation to my past entry on the same subject, I’ve found a couple more contradictions to bring up, mainly involving the drug war.

  • “On May 14th, 2009, President Obama’s new Drug Czar calls for end to ‘War on Drugs’.”  Oh.  My.  The DRUG CZAR is saying the the war on drugs has to be ended!  Guess who started the “war” to begin with?  Yes, the government.  But more specifically?  Richard Nixon!  Shows how much the two party system prevents progress!
  • The federal government has declared marijuana illegal.  California allows medicinal marijuana to be purchased and used as prescribed by a doctor.  The DEA conducts raids at these “legal” marijuana facilities.

In her dissent in Gonzales v. Raich, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor argued that drug prohibition is an improper usurpation of the power to regulate interstate commerce, and the power to prohibit should be reserved by the states. In the same case, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a stronger dissent expressing the similar idea.


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