NORML March on South Street

A few marchers who wanted their picture taken.

A few devoted marchers for Penn Norml.

It began at 4:20.  How original.  I barely made it on time and ran from Market and Broad to join in.

Instantly I was hit with a cloud of smoke.  “This is illegal,” I thought, “So why are they doing it?”

“SMOKE MORE POT,” “SMOKE EVERYDAY,” “SMOKING IS GOOD FOR YOU,” were some of the most popular shouts for attendees.

How about, “Don’t tell me what I can do with my own body!”  or “SELF OWNERSHIP!” or even, “PROPERTY RIGHTS!”

I was a bit disappointed.  The crowd was filled with stoner stereotypes who did not represent the recreational users one bit.  While NORML itself is a great organization for information on the liberty-minded reasons for marijuana’s legalization, those at the march were not the best for promotion and acceptance by the majority of the American people.

The drug war is a problem.  People being shot for possession of small amounts of marijuana is a problem.  The amount of money spend on jails is a problem.  Being considered “dangerous” for smoking marijuana is a problem!

The DEA.  Let’s break down your door, shoot your dogs, possibly shoot you, terrorize your family . . . all for growing a marijuana plant.  Just one example.

So . . . “Let’s smoke everyday!” as the marchers would say rather than protesting the core problem.  Right.


One thought on “NORML March on South Street

  1. Yeah, that’s too bad the people at the march wouldn’t make arguments based on principles and just argued based on the fact that they like it and think everyone else should do it.

    I hate pot and don’t think anyone should do it. But I’ll defend the right for anyone to put it in their body. California’s been talking about decriminalizing it in order to raise state revenues. Even Gov. Schwarzenegger sounds like he’s behind it. Of course, their justifications for legalizing it would be for the wrong reasons, but at least it would be a step forward in the right direction.

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