Equality Forum Rally @ Independence Hall

Ryan Haines and Kelly Collett at the Equality Forum Rally, 2009.  Photo taken by Andrew Madonna.

Ryan Haines and Kelly Collett at the Equality Forum Rally, 2009. Photo taken by Andrew Madonna.

Again, like the tea party, a horribly rainy day!

I first attended OUTfest, which was more than disappointing.  Hardly anyone was on the streets — and these festivals are usually PACKED.  I felt great, though, being a “straight ally” so devoted that I even went out in the horrible weather while so many LGBT people chose not to!

The march was well organized and even had a band playing!  (The Doors, the Beatles.)  We marched up to Independence Hall and “rallied” for a bit, listening to many speakers.  The main topics of discussion were “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” hate crimes, gay marriage and equality in the work place.

From the liberty stand point, I’d say “don’t ask, don’t tell” should be abolished.  You should be free to “be gay” in the military.

Hate crimes vs regular crimes means that if the intent is different, the persecution should be different, which is not necessarily something we agree with — but I do agree that if it is a hate crime, it should be labeled as such, just for research and to help with seeking help and justice for the victim.

Equality in the workplace means that a privately owned business cannot choose to fire an employee at their own discretion — meaning that firing someone for another reason can turn into a battle royale due to false beliefs.  At this point, you can’t fire someone for being a woman, pregant, now gay?  I know it sounds horrible, but soon we won’t be able to fire anyone at our private business for private reasons!

Gay marriage is a toughy.  I believe that marriage should not be given incentives by the government to begin with, thus no inequality to worry about.  If a church chooses to marry a couple, regardless of orientation, it should be recognized by the government, however, since we do live in a world where you get incentives for being in love, wanting to start a family, and so on.  So!  For now, it seems like it’ll be up to the states because Obama is pushing it aside.

I was actually watching CNN yesterday and FOR ONCE, I was elated by something that was presented about the Miss. California gay marriage incident.  They hosted this man, not sure of his name, but he was a “marriage researcher.”  He so kindly informed the audience that not ONLY did Miss. California take this stance on marriage, but guess who else has in the past?  Obama, Biden, Clinton, Bush . . . Just about every “big name” politician.  Except Ron Paul.

Paul has also stated he doesn’t want to interfere in the free association of two individuals in a social, sexual, and religious sense.   Additionally, when asked if he was supportive of gay marriage Paul responded “I am supportive of all voluntary associations and people can call it whatever they want.”


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