Just Protect Me!

I’m taking a class right now at Drexel on the politics of food, the whole course thriving on the fact that there is a huge amount of government intervention and not enough common sense when it comes to something as simple as eating.

I just had to write a midterm essay on the problems related to food lobbying — Obama’s plan to reduce the “revolving door” between lobbyists and government officials — the corruption, the bribes.

And all that I could think during the whole experience was, “Damn, all these problems . . . they just wouldn’t exist if the government didn’t think that it needed to cradle us through . . . everything.  We don’t need a government funded (taxpayer funded) food guide.  We don’t need government incentives.  We don’t need to subsidize food and then act like it’s a serious problem when people become obese.  HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP IS CHEAP BECAUSE YOU SUBSIDIZE IT, THAT’S WHY IT’S INGESTED BY SO MANY AMERICANS.  And lobbyists . . . You think LOBBYISTS are the problem.  Lobbyists are symptoms of the disease.  And that disease is the big government and it’s intervention.”

The government’s role should be simple.  If I am sold food, I expect to eat it — that is it’s purpose.  If I am sold food that gets me sick, had ingredients that are not on the label or a number of other injustices, then I have the right to accuse the food company of fraud.  I was sold food to eat and the food made me sick because it was not made for adequate human consumption.  I have the right to ask the limited government to take action against the food company, unless we can settle the dispute on our own.

Oh, the progress that could be made if we did not dwell on such a silly amount of government intervention!


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