War Against CNN!

Watching CNN everyday at the gym (the only news station that they have on) makes me angry.  I have discussed this in my blog before.

Well, after the tea parties, I have gone from being angry to OUTRAGED.

According to CNN, those who attended tea parties are the following:

  • Neo-Cons
  • “Tea baggers,” a sexual joke
  • Racists
  • Hypocrites
  • “Anti-CNN”
  • “Not appropriate for children”

Oh yes, and then CNN complains that Fox News is endorsing the conservative side and promoting the tea party.  Well, at least they report the tea parties!  The day of, CNN would barely show anything on the subject, and when they did, they just joked about it.  When something is going on all around the country and the people are coming together for change, it is not a laughing matter!  And the media seems to think that only Republicans are attending the tea parties — Heaven forbid they mention the “L word!”

Jenny Beth Martin, a Republican activist who helped organize one protest in Atlanta, said she’s not too worried about the protests being dismissed by some media outlets. She estimated 750,000 people attended more than 800 protests in all 50 states, and that at the very least the local media and community newspapers documented it.

“Our message definitely got out where it needed to get,” she said.


One thought on “War Against CNN!

  1. You’re going to need a Dick Armey if you’re planning simultaneous tea bagging across America.

    No but seriously, what’s the point in throwing around tea bags? If anything, it’s proving to the government how submissive we are in protest.

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