Tax Day Tea Party!


What a cold, rainy and windy day in Philadelphia!  Despite the weather, over 300 people showed up in LOVE Park to protest excessive government spending.

The crowd consisted of Republicans and Libertarians, as well as some outraged Democrats, upset with the bailouts, taxes and so on.

The Philadelphia tea party was lead by Diana and Don Reimer of Landale, PA.  There were numerous speakers who took time out of their day to deliver intense speeches to really rile up the crowd.  Of the most memorable, a speech given by 16 year old Jesse Civello, who aspires to be a future senator.

The tea parties were promoted by FreedomWorks, a conservative nonprofit advocacy group.  The parties were led by former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas.

I was a little angry at the fact that Obama began a speech at noon on taxes — the same time that the Philadelphia tea party began — stealing the news spotlight.  Even so, Fox News was there covering the story.  But then, there’s this:

We still have so much work to do, I realized, after leaving the rally, freezing cold and sopping.  With biased news networks, the average, brainwashed citizen thinking of us as a mockery, and even to those who think we don’t mean business . . . We’ve got to keep going!

I am so proud of everyone who bore the terrible weather to stand up for their rights as citizens of the United States of America — nothing more, nothing less!


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