Get Your Ideas Out There!

Here are some examples of some letters to the editor that I’ve written in the last few weeks.


Police Use Networking Sites

(Also on an article on Geithner, not on the site).


Dear Editor,

Regarding last week’s issue,

The article by Joshua Kurtz addresses the issue of the new police department searching through student’s Facebooks to help solve investigations – but who is stopping them from searching them even without probable cause? If a Facebook is open to the public and not set on private, nothing is keeping anyone from looking at your personal information. So, for instance, even without an investigation, the police department can search events, check statuses, and look through groups to find “suspicious activities,” especially parties, where the law will surely be broken. Certainly the police could think of another reason for finding out about said behaviors once you are caught – not involving searching Facebook.

But then again, nothing is stopping the police from searching completely public Facebooks, even if they claim not to do so – in return, it is advised, especially if you are participating in law-breaking activities, to make your Facebook private. If not making your Facebook concealed for co-op employers, stay safe from the possible snooping police department.

And concerning Zohaib Ahmad’s article on Geithner expanding his power to replace management of failing companies at his own discretion . . . this truly makes him worthy of the title, “Czar Geithner.” If a company if failing due to its leaders, so be it – the workers of the company are responsible for taking action, not the government. And no business is “too big to fail,” especially for a fair market, because if small businesses can go bankrupt and not get a bailout, big businesses should sink just the same. Remember, readers! GM stands for “General Motors,” not “Government Managed!”


Bearing Arms is Constitutional


Dear Editor,

David Youseff’s article “Bearing Arms is Constitutional” in the April 3 issue was a great indicator of the need for protecting our rights according to the Constitution – especially the right to bear arms.

In today’s society, when someone mentions guns, the first thing that comes to mind is violence, instead of safety and protection.

A great example of the fear of using guns for violence includes a current action made prevalent through the Obama administration. In a desperate attempt to make new jobs, $2 billion dollars in funds were cut from a safety training program that instructed airplane pilots how to use handguns for defense from attacks. The creation of jobs in security and supervision seem unnecessary and create inconvenience while there are fewer pilots with guns on the flight itself. The irrational fear of “bearing arms” has, in turn, created an overall unsafe condition for those who choose to fly on American aircrafts.

It cannot be forgotten that owning a gun entails a certain responsibility that does not include acting violently and harming other individuals. The purpose of laws against these acts is to deter the detrimental use of guns and promote the correct use for safety and security. One cannot simply own a gun and do as they wish with it; the government has created a system that secures order and punishes those who refuse to comply.

Think about it – would the new Drexel police force be needed if students could exercise their right to bear arms on the campus? Would being able to protect and defend at one’s own discretion be such a horrifying proposal.

Introducing myself (first letter to the editor, because I knew I’d be submitting more in the future):

Dear Editor,

Do you ever feel like there is no possibility of satisfying the needs of every citizen in current American politics? Are you ever confused about your rights and whether the restrictions placed upon them are unconstitutional? Or are you worried about the future stability of America?

Our individual liberty has been trampled upon, far exceeding anything planned by the founding fathers of our country. In just about every topic of discussion, it can be determined that our country is in trouble and reaching a point that may push it past the point of no return. Especially with the current economic crisis, we can see that the government has gone too far and has interfered way too much – creating a dependency on even more intervention as a way to fix the situation. If we continue on this track, it’s hard to foresee the possible destruction of what may happen in the near future. I especially feel this way as a college student entering the workforce.

One of the mottos of Drexel’s organization the Student Liberty Front is “Your rights. Your life.” We maintain that it is you who have ownership of your own life, and when an individual or group of individuals decide for you that you no longer have that ownership, you have lost your rights. This is a recurring problem that has been happening in America, even in spite of the Constitution that should be upholding these rights.

Ben Franklin said, “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” This is especially true in the form of a student-run newspaper and it is especially important to exercise this freedom.

For further information on this topic the Student Liberty Front can be reached at

These letters take less than an hour to write and they to use in response to pretty much any political article.  Try writing a letter to your local newspaper at least once a week!


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