Patri Friedman @ Temple University!


On Thursday, April 9th, Patri Friedman of the Seasteading Institute and grandson of Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize winning economist, spoke at Temple University.

The event was hosted by the Temple Libertarians, but many members showed up from the Philadelphia Forum for Freedom.

Friedman presented a power point presentation, addressing seasteading, creating private dwellings on the ocean, creating a new frontier for new civilization and government.

The point of seasteading is to easily create a country hosting an experimental form of government, without the needs of voting, war or revolution. With seasteading, individuals do not need the sympathies of their entire country, and they their actions are relatively harmless. Also, countries created by seasteading are completely “shufflable,” meaning if you do not like your location due to bad relations with another country or you’re just looking for change, you are free to move around, unlike on dry land. It is even possible to move your house from one country to another using seasteading.

There are many kinds of of seasteads, including:

Located along the cost to provide services for a much lower cost, especially medical.
Single Family Seasteads: Best for use of vacationing until finding a full-time job that is possible while seasteading.
Cohousing Seasteads: Condominium seasteading.
Ephermerisles: A “free to party” seastead, best to be used for an experience similar to Burning Man.

Friedman concluded by giving his views of Libertarianism, claiming that the odds are against its success in America and the only way to obtain freedom is to create a new country. He advocated the Free State Project, however, claiming that they will hopefully obtain most freedoms desired.

You can also read this on the Student’s for Liberty blog.


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