The Socialist


I had the opportunity while distributing propanda for John Stossel to meet a stereotypical “young” socialist and talk to him about his views and beliefs.

He told me that he feels like in our economic troubles (and just in general) that poverty cannot be eliminated and the only answer is socialism.

Then, he reaffirmed me that he was not “socially socialist.”  Just economically.  By Jove.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people fall into this trap.  First off, they’re always worrying about someone other than themselves.  Secondly, they believe that the only way to reduce poverty is to make everyone completely equal.  Heaven forbid that the government stop giving incentives to big business, making the market fair, making jobs naturally easier and more obtainable.  So, let’s end poverty by putting more government regulations on our lives.  Progress will slow down.  Life will become dull.  If you’re an entrepreneurial, forget it.

I asked him, “Hey, say that I want to do something that is Constitutional but does not fall under the socialist law that you want enacted?  Say I want to be an individual and reserve my certain rights and act upon them?  Then what?”

Of course, he wish washed through answers, but mainly he ended up with an idea that we need to be shackled by the government for the “greater good.”

Also, I asked him why I should not be able to hold on to my hard earned money.  I worked for it — I should not be forced to give it away.  I will donate to charities at my own will, again, not by force.  Again, the greater good would benefit.  Greater good?  I am my own greater good!

The future is uncertain in America.


One thought on “The Socialist

  1. There is another part of this argument that our pro-free market friends also forget to mention. So what if someone doesn’t donate to charity? I mean really…what happens to that money?

    There are three options:
    1) Under the mattress it goes – yeah here it won’t do anyone any good, but what are the chances of a couple million under a mattress anyway?
    2) Buy things. So they come to your business and buy your stuff. Life is better for you and it’s better for them. The world is a weather place through voluntary transactions instead of theft. I think we can agree there.
    3) Invest it! What!? You mean they own $x million in stocks! Who could ever need that much? Guess what, that money is free to be used by those who are creative but don’t have money to go make money.

    Everyone wins when we don’t use government to justify theft.

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