Double Taking Obama

I was watching Hardball with Chris Matthews and literally double took the television when I heard that Obama is actually stepping up with this bailout/auto industry nonsense and taking a stand for the tax payers.  Before seeing this, I could have sworn that the government was A-OK with bailing out failing industries.  I figured that they were OK with it because they did it to begin with — a big no-no.

A few firm beliefs:

1) the government should not interfere with the free market — if a business fails, it fails.

2) the government should not give incentives to businesses.

3) the government should not tax its citizens — and especially not use the tax money to bail out businesses.

It seems like a lot of people have a tough time dealing with the fact that some businesses will succeed and others will fail — all due to the supply and demand, the need for the business, the amount of workers, et cetera.  It is natural for a business to fail — and perhaps it would be a great idea to let a big business fail, just to see what would happen.  Taking money from the government, using it, and being back to square one is not the solution.

Life will go on.

Life will go on.

Obama: GM, Chrysler Must Restructure or Face Bankruptcy


One thought on “Double Taking Obama

  1. Amen! I stand with you in those firm beliefs – failure IS an option..if only our President understood that failure is a necessary part of the capitalist system. Loved the picture, too! :p

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