Communism at Its Finest.

My boyfriend told me an interesting story last night.

Starvation is a major problem in North Korea.

The solution?

Breed tons of giant rabbits.  Yes.  Giant rabbits, weighing in at 20 pounds or more.

Alright, that sounds like a plan.  North Korea purchases 12 giant rabbits from a breeder in Germany.

And then what happens?  Kim Jong Il has them all cooked up at his 65th birthday celebration!

This happened a year ago.  Kim Jong Il is still fat.  Must’ve been some good rabbit.

But if he’s still hungry, the first pizzeria opened in North Korea this week.  Ode to communism!


One thought on “Communism at Its Finest.

  1. Jeez. Crazy. The propaganda machine in that country is crazy too. Have you seen the videos smuggled out? I wonder why advocates of Statism never point to the going-ons in N. Korea?

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