Angry CNN Moment: A Worried Thought

The internet.

As the media covers more and more on the internet’s involvement with politics, social networking, and its importance in shaping modern society, I begin to worry.

The government.

Will it try to jump on the internet bandwagon in its usual fashion?  By restricting rights, taxing, enforcing laws, invading, and interfering with the free speech?

Watching CNN, I’ve noticed that they are constantly mentioning the likes of Facebook and Twitter. has been set up by the government for an easily accessible source of information on the president’s “plan for recovery” from the economic crisis.

It won’t be long until the government figures it out.  The internet is a way to tap into the minds of every American citizen.  Once you control the internet, you control everything.

And we can’t let this happen!

I’m not concerned at the present time, but I know that the government sometimes takes baby steps.  For example, first, it might restrict certain anti-government/liberty oriented websites, for instance (Missouri’s fault).  Then, it will move from there, creating little restrictions until America caves in and gives it complete control.

I don’t want to get into conspiracy theories or hypothetical situations, per se.  I’m just a little worried!

Death of the Internet explains that my idea is “poppycock.”  Oh well, it’s just a worrisome thought!


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