Pilots, Guns, and Safety. What’s Wrong Here?

This is hard to believe.

The Obama administration is cutting 2 billion dollars in pilot training to go towards creating new jobs in supervision and safety.

So, is this where these “new jobs” are coming from?  Unneccessary means?  There has not been one case of a pilot using his or her gun in a circumstance that can create harm to others and this program would most likely aid in defending a pilot against any kind of attack.

Anyone can create jobs from thin air.  “You!  Stand around and look pretty!”  “And you!  Smile and be friendly.  Good!”  But not everyone can figure out ways to compile jobs for maximum efficiency.  Allowing pilots to have guns and proper training is an excellent idea and it does not need discouragement from the government.

I personally would feel safer knowing that my pilot could defend his or herself against an attacker.  Also, I know that their efforts would in turn defend me, since I cannot carry my own gun on a plane.

So, what’s the point of all this squabble about not allowing pilots to carry guns?  Well, according to the current state of affairs, we need more jobs.  More jobs are created.  People have jobs.  And in the end, we are less safe on airplanes.  Where’s the progress in that?


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