Everyday’s a Fight.

Drexel has a website called DrexelOne and it’s used for the students/faculty/employees to login and access personal information — email, grades, assignments, grading, payment, et cetera.

On the home page, there is always a picture displayed.

Today’s picture included three members of FUSE, the Foundation of Undergraduates for Sexual Equality.

Well, who would have thought that there would be an uproar of disturbing comments that made my blood boil.

For example, one student called the picture “anti-religious” on the holiday of St. Patrick’s day.  I didn’t know that being gay was “anti-religious,” in fact, I believe that I know some gay people who are very religious and devout in their faith!

Of course, we can’t forget that all these captions are rated by fellow students — so of course everyone is trying to be a sarcastic wise guy and make the most thumbs up ratings.  But when the captions are disliked, they can be voted out quickly through the thumbs down rating system.


Oh, and Student Liberty Front got our picture up a couple weeks ago.

The comments on that photo reminded me of an irate, senial old coot standing on the front porch swinging a cane.

“Y’all kids care about LIBERTY and FREEDOM?   Get out of the 1700s, there’s CHANGE now!  THERE’S NOTHING STYLISH ABOUT OLD FASHIONED LIBERTY.  Crazy kids!  EY, it looks like some of those kids are GAY, haha!  There aren’t any girls in that picture, MA HA, you guys must be NERDS.”

And so on.  And so forth.

Just another day in the life.  Got to fight for your right.


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