-double take- WAIT, How’d They Get Away With That?

On June 13, 2008, Governor Ed Rendell signed the Clean Indoor Air Act. This Act prohibits smoking in most public areas and workplaces, protecting the majority of citizens in Pennsylvania from tobacco smoke. On September 10, 2008, the new law will take full effect everywhere in the state except for in the City of Philadelphia, which will be permitted to preserve its existing local smoking ban – the Clean Indoor Air Worker Protection Law.

When rumors of this smoking ban got out, I was outraged.  My favorite diner, the Tic Toc in Easton, PA (my hometown!), would be . . . smoke free?  That’s why I go to diners!  “A cup of coffee, a fag and a sit down!”

Tic Toc is the best diner in the world.

Tic Toc is the best diner in the world.

And check out this blog, what the . . . :

The main arguments I’ve seen that are against the ban — i.e. that are pro-smoking — are:

1. Waaaaah I want to smoke and you can’t take away my rights and next thing you’ll be making it illegal to eat thumb tacks!!

2. Restaurants (etc) should just have smoking and non-smoking sections as they do now.

3. This is a decision that’s best left to market forces to decide.

If it’s private property, the owner of the property should have the right to decide if it is a smoking establishment or not.  Then, if someone does not like that smoking is allowed, they will take their business elsewhere.  Or perhaps deal with the fact that there is a smoking and non smoking section.  Yes, there are risks of second hand smoke inhalation, but one should know that before entering a building that contains smokers.

This seems rather simple.  I guess people can’t make their own decisions anymore without government intervention — even when it comes to what they do with their own bodies.

Thanks, Bureaucrash!

Thanks, Bureaucrash!


2 thoughts on “-double take- WAIT, How’d They Get Away With That?

  1. Hmm, they say they are banning smoking on “public property”. That actually makes some sense, at worst a demonstration of the “trajedy of the commons”, but since when did they consider PRIVATE restaurants “public property”?

    It’s a blatant misunderstanding, or just ignorance, of property rights that is the root of many of our problems.

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