Clearing Capitalism.

I pick up a copy of the Wall Street Journal.

Obama is set to release a plan to help small businesses . . .

That’s all that I needed.

Government intervention.  To help something that should be compeltely laissez-faire, hands off, au naturale?

You ask, “Why is Walmart hurting small businesses?  Why does the government allow such cruelty?  They should enact laws to stop the trechory from happening?”

Actually, what you should be asking is, “Why doesn’t the government back off and stop giving incentives to big businesses rather than to the small businesses?  Or wait, how about no incentives at all?”

You’re clearly demanding the wrong thing.  We don’t need more government intervention to get rid of the problem that is already government intervention!  Don’t you see!  It would be like government vs. government.

I don’t see anything wrong with the free market running its course.  I don’t think that if  one business fails and another succeeds that there is a problem.  I don’t believe in bailouts.  If a business succeeds, so be it.  There’s no reason to drag ’em down so smaller businesses “have a chance.”  The market work on the basis of what people need — not what the government needs.

Capitalism Represents Acceptable Policy (CRAP Society).

Capitalism Represents Acceptable Policy (CRAP Society).


2 thoughts on “Clearing Capitalism.

  1. Those people in the picture demonstrate perfectly the idiocy of the kind of thinking that has overrun our society. Mocking what little freedom that has allowed for their comfortable lifestyle. Pathetic.

    First, the fallacy that capitalism is aggressive. Real free markets are the exact OPPOSITE of aggression, capitalism means the LACK OF coercion and use of force. Clearly these people don’t see it this way, it’s either war-mongering Imperialism or socialism, and since they’re so keen on socialism, then capitalism to them must mean Imperialism. Statism at its worst. Freedom is obviously not even an option to these poor souls.

    Blame that on the Republicans, ignorance, and intellectual dishonesty.

    Now, to get a bit deeper to the moral dilemna that underlies their fallacies. This is the result of the moral code of altruism, which decrees that one must always sacrifice oneself for the greater good. The flip side of altruism is a result of the same reasoning; if one is living for their own benefit, they must be sacrificing others. Of course, this moral belief only has room for masters or slaves. Slaves are more “moral”, but to be your own master means using others as your slaves. It’s either hedonism or slavery for these people.

    They find it impossible to imagine a world where the base rational unit is the individual. This is why they think that capitalism must be evil, they think it is impossible for one to gain without harming others. It is their own slefishness and material desires that they try to hide, always casting themselves into an internal battle between their inner hedonist and altruist. But if you understand individualism and liberty, in free will and free markets, then you understand that it is not only possible but desirable for humans to live life for themselves while helping others do the same.

    Leave your internal struggle against reality, and embrace the truth, it is the only way to really live. Men are meant to be free. Anything less is a futile and desperate assault on reality and rationality.

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