Rockin’ Capitalism.

I love Walmart.

But in the past, before I was “experienced,” I used to wonder (like maybe 90% of the general American public) — is Walmart “evil.”   Are they purposely hurting small businesses?  What can I do about it when I don’t have enough money to pay for more expensive goods at smaller businesses?  Why is Walmart so successful?

Corporatism.  Oh.  I learned what that term meant.  Government incentives?  Why is the government involved in business?  Shouldn’t they be left free to prosper on their own — free market style?

Now big business is “evil.”  One reason for their success is unjust.  Governmental intervention.

And what about those small businesses that fail?  Well.  They fail.

What about those big businesses that fail?  Well.  BAILOUTS.

A common problem is blaming Walmart for your business failing.  Blame the government.

A common problem is blaming Walmart for your business failing. Blame the government.


2 thoughts on “Rockin’ Capitalism.

  1. Very true. Government created the market for Wal-Mart, most primarily by selling huge amounts of government debt to China, which allows them to down-peg the yuan towards the dollar, making chinese imports unnaturally cheap in the US.

    If one looks at it that way – everything you buy at Wal-mart actually comes with an extra price in the form of debt obligations to China, and future US inflation.

    // hpx83 Save capitalism

  2. If it’s successful in the market, that means that people want it. It provides a good product at a good price. Otherwise it would fail.

    The only way that statement is false is when something exists because of government intervention or some other form of coercion.

    As much as Wal-Mart opponents hate to hear it, Wal-Mart exists because they offer products people want at good prices, and people are willing to work there. It only gets unfair when you start to look at how the government gets involved.

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