Obesity Tax?


Gov. Paterson, as part of a $121 billion budget to be unveiled Tuesday, will propose an “obesity tax” of about 15% on nondiet drinks.

1) You can’t force people to be healthy.  If someone wants to funnel sugar into their mouth, 5 pounds a day, they’ll do it.

2) What about those who are not obese who enjoy their regualar sodas?

3) Being healthy starts with education — especially from parents.

4) Why has the obesity rate gone up?

This question can be answered in many ways — but I personally blame advances in technology.  Note: this does not mean that technology is negative for society.  You have a choice.  You can sit on the computer, play World of Warcraft all day, sit in front of the TV and eat cheese curls — or you can go outside on a walk, go to the gym, walk your dog, play a sport.  There are more options and choices to make, and you have to take the responsibility to make wise decisions. The only problem that I can see with so many choices is a lack of responsibility for personal health that comes with, well, “being lazy” and taking advantage of all the progressive technology.  It is sad that there has been a diminishing involvement in activity, reading (of books), crafts/hobby work, art, et cetera since the coming of the age of advanced technology.  While I am upset, for I am a little old fashioned, there is not much that can be done.

What would the tax be like on this tasty beverage?

What would the tax be like on this tasty beverage?

The market will decide what the future will hold, in my opinion.  Technology sales, stores, classes, and so on will succeed.  Book sales, craft stores, hobby clubs, art classes will fail.  And if the obesity rate is linked to this occurance, so be it.  Forcing a person to pay more money in order to drink a regular Coke is outrageous.

And soon enough they’ll be a tax on candy, donuts, Starbucks . . . Oreos . . . Poptarts . . . ?  At least tea is healthy — don’t have to bring back a tea tax — now do we?


4 thoughts on “Obesity Tax?

  1. Why do you think I want to move out of New York? Besides, what does he care about fat people? He’s blind! He doesn’t even have to look at them! 😉

  2. “progressive technology”

    What an oxymoron! Progressives hate technology… unless it fits their little mold of how they want the world to be.

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