Angry CNN Moment: Women’s Council

Angry CNN Moments usually happen during my daily workouts at the gym.

I’m on the treadmill staring blankly at the TV screen when all of a sudden a news story comes on that pisses me off and forces me to yell at the screen (in my head).

Obama creates “Women’s Council.”

First off, if you’re going to make a women’s council, what about a men’s council?  All councils, in general, are open to both genders.  Now we’re going to separate the genders to create even more of a barrier between the “equality” that everyone desires.

Secondly, if rape and violence are happening to more and more women maybe we shouldn’t have a women’s intervention but a men’s intervention program.

I don’t know, it doesn’t seem like women are the ones who need to learn a lesson here!

Third, do we really need a government organization for this?  Creating more bullshit elitist jobs?  I’m putting the jobs of the women’s council right up there with those green jobs he’s creating — right on my BS shelf.


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