Second Annual International Students For Liberty Conference!

Check out the schedule and the liberty fair attendees for a quick debriefing.

Students for Liberty hosted the Students for Liberty conference at George Washingon University, Washington DC on February 20-22, 2009.


Philadelphia Students for Liberty -- and one bloody Brit! (Reacting to the passing of the Stimulus Bill).

Good times were had.  It’s great getting together with a bunch of like minded individuals.  We had a couple of socials to get to meet new friends — and one was even at the Cato Institute!

The speakers were incredible — I wish that each of them (especially ones on panels) could have their own speaking time of a little bit longer then what they were allotted.

I can’t wait for next year’s!

Check out Edward Hallam’s the Young Conservative for more details on the conference.

Day One.

Day Two, Part I.

Day Two, Part II.

The conference, most of all, inspired me to get active.  I’m already knowledgable.  I can already communicate about these issues.  Now is the time to act!


One thought on “Second Annual International Students For Liberty Conference!

  1. I can only apologise for my countryman, Cooper. Well, assuming he’s decided that he’s British today (you’re probably aware he oscillates between deciding he’s British, Egyptian, Swiss and Kiwi on a near daily basis!).

    Thanks for linking to us, we shall reciprocate. Love the blog – Don’t tread on me. I’m wearing a “liberty or death” badge right now, at work 🙂

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