To Those Who . . .

. . . have been pursecuted or have had your rights violated by the government.

You cannot go blaming individuals for this occurance.

You should NOT be in the mindset that more government is going to help you win your rights back.

Do you know how absurd all of this sounds?  You were born with natural rights — and now you think that the right thing to do is to fight for them back?  And then once you acheive that goal, are you content?  You shouldn’t be.  You should be angry.  Why should some institution tell you how you think, how you are . . . is wrong?

Don’t cave into the “wonders of socialism” because you feel the need to be equal to everyone else.  You are equal — you just don’t know it yet because big government’s keeping you down.

And you don’t have to feel the need to put other people down, disgrace free speech, attack the Constitution out of spite and anger!

You have the support — I just wish that it could be understood that government is not the answer.

When the amendment comes, for instance, “allowing” gays to marry, just as it came before, “allowing” blacks to be citizens, “allowing” women to vote — will you think that it is a little disgusting that you were treated as a second class citizen for being born!

I’m explaining these ideas in a very simple way.  It is not people you want to attack.  It is not a socialist society that you should need to be “equal.”  You need your individual human rights — and if they have been taken away, you of all people should not be for big government — because if they can take yours away, they can take mine, your family’s, your friends’ . . . anything and everything is up for grabs!

This needs to be stopped!


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